About us

For 20 years we have been creating software for business

Not only do we provide our clients with software but also full implementation of solutions constituting the response to their needs. We do not shy away from challenges and ambitious endeavors. We successfully completed hundreds of projects within the scope of automation, logistics and business processes. Choosing to collaborate with Macrix, our clients can be sure that we will face up to all tasks and achieve the established goals in the assumed financial and time frames – always, with no exception.

Macrix Board

It is our deep belief that passion constitutes a basis for any professional work. Our passion is creating and engineering computer programs.

Our strength lies in people

The source of our success is professionalism, experience and passion of people creating Macrix. We derive enormous pleasure from tangible effects of our work, completing projects in fields such as mining, medical industry or automotive industry. It is precisely thanks to such a variety of projects that we can develop and continuously improve our skills.


People’s relations are at the core of our mindset at Macrix, which displays itself both in our contacts with clients as well as in the relations between every single employee in the company. We have built a pleasant and creative atmosphere, we care about the development possibilities and try to have everyone feel as part of the Macrix community and have the awareness of creating innovative solutions on a global scale.


Group of specialists

We hire the best specialists who complete projects in a solid, timely and effective manner. We stand out for our ability of effective and constructive teamwork, both within Macrix and in collaboration with employees of our clients and subcontractors. Through our cooperation with leaders of different branches and the completion of projects all around the world, we have built enormous capital in the form of expertise and experience, the benefits of which are reaped by our clients.


Members of the Macrix management board are engineers with extensive experience in the implementation of innovative solutions for business. They actively participate in a variety of projects.

MZ 1

Marek Żuchowski

Chairman, CEO

KH 1

Krzysztof Halastra


JE 1

Józef Eckert


MK 1

Marcin Krzywulski

Chairman, CAO

Industry transformation through the creation of innovative IT solutions – for us it is not just a slogan, it is the essence of our daily work.


Our biggest partners in business

We are a reliable partner. Our clients are technological market leaders and global players, representing a wide variety of different branches and industries. On a yearly basis we complete projects all over the world.

BKS GmbH, being part of the Gretsch-Unitas (GU), is a global leader in the production of locks and master key systems.
pfm medical ag
pfm medical ag
For over 40 years the company has been manufacturing and distributing the highest-quality appliances for the medical sector.

100% of successfully completed projects

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