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MES 4.0 system for Big River Steel

MES 4.0 system for Big River Steel

We created a production „command center” for one of the most modern steel mill in the world.


Big River Steel is the owner of the most modern steel mill in Northern America. The plant was built by the SMS Group, the leading supplier of solutions for the global steel industry. SMS completed the whole investment, including the supply of mechanical and electrical installations as well as automation systems.

As a subcontractor Macrix has been responsible for the development of the MES 4.0 system (Manufacturing Execution and Planning System). The system coordinates the work at the mill through planning and tracking all production processes. It gives commands to components on lower levels of automation such as mills or rolling mills. MES 4.0 is also responsible for quality control during every phase of production.


Our team of specialists collaborated closely with engineers from the SMS Group and Big River Steel, basing the project management on Agile methodologies.

Apart from standard programing platforms (.Net, among others), we also used the tools developed by Macrix: the Yucon PRO configurator enables the mill technologists to adjust the manufacturing without the need of halting the production. A friendly interface allows for making changes without software knowledge. ProconTEL, in turn - a framework dedicated to distributed systems - is a basis for communication between the MES system and lower levels of automation.

Our specialists participated in all phases of mill commissioning. Currently we are supplying the technical support for the MES 4.0.

The MES 4.0 system is one of the key elements of the fully digital “intelligent” BRS plant. The mill sets standards as far as manufacturing capabilities, process flexibility and energy efficiency are concerned.


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